Monday, February 2, 2009

Transfer News: Keane back to Spurs, Arshavin deal teetering on the brink

In one of the sadder bits of transfer business this season, one of my favorite players, Robbie Keane, is set to end his depressing spell at my favorite club, Liverpool. Reports say he is on his way to, or currently undergoing a medical in London with the intent of re-donning a white jersey. Good luck to you Robbie, wish it could have worked out better. In the meantime, we had better get Aaron Lennon in exchange, or I'm blowing my lid. EDIT: We didn't. Blowing my lid at the moment.

The completely baffling and superfluous Andrei Arshavin deal appears to be off, hopefully for the sake of my sanity with Arsenal coming to their collective wits and refusing to spend £15m on a player they absolutely do not need.


  1. I think Andrei is acting like a diva and demanding superstar wages. I completely understand where Arsenal is coming from and next to that I don't think Arshavin is the right player for Arsenal AT ALL.

  2. Ok so Tottenham bought him back for 15 million this is completely idiotic.

  3. man zenit must feel awful because they spent like 30 million euros on danny alves to replace him

    which really makes no sense to me considering there was no way they would recoup that on arshavin

    also yeah awesome cant wait to play that 15 million pounds if torres goes out with a hamstring problem again