Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This may be the most inane article ever

The Times has today dedicated an entire article to detailing the steps in creating the above photograph. With illuminating and gripping gems such as this passage:
He's more relaxed now, so I hand him the pen and all I say is "draw yourself scoring a goal". He goes to the board and starts drawing. He's definitely not a comic book artist in the making, but he adds things that I didn't ask him to do: his name on the back of his shirt, and even better the score: Arsenal 1 Chelsea 0. He does struggle writing Arsenal, but I don't mention this!

I of course love the Times, less for their ownership by Rupert Murdoch, and more for their employment of the best football journalist ever (sorry Ollie Kay), but this crap is just boring.

For extra meta-analysis points, imagine the total inanity of this sporting blog article about an inane sporting blog article.

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