Monday, February 2, 2009

The legend of HELWA HELWA goals: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

After the excitement of a wild on-edge sporting weekend, nothing calms the nerves like some good old youtube football porn. All the spectacular play, none of the hair-tearing second-ticking filler. This video present, courtesy of your resident shameless Nerazurri fanatic, comes in from a two-year-old game between Inter and Sampdoria. If you haven't already had the opportunity, pull up a seat and savor this one. It may be my most watched youtube video selection ever, and there are abundant reasons as to why. I play this at least once a day to get pumped up for whatever may meet me ahead. Whoever chose the music, you sir, are a legend.

Zlatan: "You can't laugh. I laugh." Not joking. He really said that.

Postscript: For those among the uninitiated, the HELWA label refers back to the video embedded below, in which an understandably enthused Arabic commentator gushes over Ibra's wonder goal vs. Bologna. Helwa apparently means "sweet" in his native tongue, and Gino and I have never looked back, applying it to any and all sweet goals we can find. The more you know.


  1. The legend of helwa, good to know! Zlatan remains a first class asshole imho

  2. You only really "get" the awesomeness of that bologna goal after you see it from the third angle. My love for Ibracadabra will last forever because of this:


  3. yeah im having some sort of culture clash since im a fan of both norwegian scouserbirds fc and the swedish bird dude