Thursday, February 5, 2009


Watching the Liverpool vs. Everton FA Cup replay, I was among the many fans baffled by the hail of socks onto the pitch at Goodison Park. I (being the trendsetter that I am) even asked why it was happening via-blog.

Well, the most confounding footballing mystery since the cryptic Salomon Kalou wrestling move/political protest/rap record label promotion hand signal has finally come to an end. Apparently it was a jibe at Kirby residents over their alleged tendency to steal socks from clotheslines to keep their dirty prints off of cars they attempt to steal. Kirkby, of course, being the location of Everton's proposed new grounds. I have to say the insult was far less interesting to me than the fact that a fan managed to nail Tim Cahill right in the back from range in the game. Oh well.

Via: The Spoiler

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