Friday, February 6, 2009

Talent Scout: Barry Maguire

A lot of new highly rated talents seem to think they’re superstars after only having played one good game. With the latest flashy Nikes they run over the pitch showing off their tattoos and trendy haircuts. Sure it’s nice to see a flamboyant talented attacker dashing across the pitch but in a lot of cases all this showing off is greatly unjustified. Failing to realize that a team consists out of 11 players and that you shouldn’t only go for your own glory these players quickly vanish into the background and disappear in obscurity.

So that’s why it’s extra nice to see a different type of player standing up once in a while. Young FC Utrecht player Barry Maguire has stocky build, wears old school soccer boots and has a nonchalant hairstyle. Quite the opposite to most young players you see these days.
When he was transferred to Eredivisie side FC Utrecht in 2008 he already played 60 games at the highest level by the age of just 18 (!). This experience really shows off on the pitch and he has great vision when it comes to diffusing counterattacks and distributing balls to the wingers.
He’s already featured in 18 games for FC Utrecht this season and has always been a consistent factor for them. It’s probably best to compare him to a young Cambiasso, great defensive force on the ball but also good at passing and attacking. Next to that he can also play in defense, making him a very multifunctional player. Personally I have this player in very high regard, if he keeps on developing and keeps his feet firmly grounded (which won’t be much of a problem I think) he can grow out to be a top player. His strengths are that of a player which is essential in every top side you see today.

Recently he was invited to play for Ireland under 21 but declined. However I’m sure we’ll see him feature for a national side, be it Holland or Ireland, pretty soon.


  1. gino aka piet de visser

  2. do you see him swapping over to a bigger dutch side and developing his skills, then making a jump to a larger club, or trying to test himself out in another league off the bat?