Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ask and ye shall recieve

Fair play to you, Alan.

Just two days ago, I asked "where are the good refs?" in a somewhat aggravated blog lamenting the omnipresence of bad refs in today's game. So far, halfway into the Liverpool-Everton FA Cup replay, I (and the commentators both) have noticed that head referee Alan Wiley is having an exceptional game. In the most contentious and booking-prone clash in all of English football, he is dealing with the inevitable stamps, shoves and trips with aplomb. His bookings have been judicious, his hand even, and he has (so far) been on top of just about every instance of unfair play in the match.

In the interest of advancing the cause I advocated in the above-mentioned post, we should take notice of the fact that there are still good refs preserving fair play in the league. If you happen to see the name Wiley on the officials list for your favorite team's upcoming match, you should either feel in safe hands, or very ready to party.


  1. German refs are supposed to be the bomb. There's also a nice article in WorldSoccer about how refs should behave in the future. It's also about the future of football in general, great read imo