Monday, February 2, 2009

Super breaking transfer news: Arshavin back on and QUARESMA TO CHELSEA LOAN?

Apparently the fun don't stop this transfer window. Arshavin is apparently headed to London after all, a massive blow to my sanity, while every Inter fan's second least favorite Portuguese winger will head to Chelsea on loan to see if he can flop in an unprecedented two leagues in one season.

Woooooow. Late is the new early this February.


  1. Great move by scolari especially since Joe Cole will be out for a while. He couldn't have wished for a better replacement.

    *looks at rafa with an empty gaze*

  2. scolari will probably nurture him to greatness with a big hug and some cookies

    seriously scolari is probably the nicest dude in football but then he like breaks out and starts punching dudes from the touchline

  3. the more i think about it the more quaresma will probably do well in the pl

    he has absolutely no tactical awareness and is pretty much just a big torso that can kick things in funny ways. that's basically the resume for an excellent pl winger.

    see: ronaldo ballon d'or

  4. idk hes pretty one-dimensional though like he has no ability to kick with his wrong foot and what nobody seems to realize is all the trivela/rabona business is to cover up that he has one good leg and is apparently too lazy or too incompetent to work up to being able to shoot with the other one