Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rafa: "Keane incapable of scoring enough goals"

Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez explains Robbie-gate in The Independent. The Reds bought Keane at the start of this season for 20 million only to sell him back for 15.

"Could you see Keane scoring a lot of goals?" Benitez said. "We were talking about 'maybe, maybe'. You have to try to be objective. He was not playing at the level he can play at. We had a very good offer for a player who is 28 and wasn't playing at the level we were expecting so maybe it was good for him and us."

If Torres gets injured Dirk Kuyt will be the man up front for Rafa but he also wants to play Babel in this position.

"I have been really pleased with Ryan over the last two or three weeks, he is improving a lot for me," Benitez said.

Only time will tell if this was a good decision but during all this drama Liverpool and Chelsea's impotence to keep up with Man U during the winter period was pretty obvious. Although Man U have a pretty tough couple of games at the end of this campaign, they will probably have built up a sufficient gap to snatch another title. But back to Liverpool. Kuyt up front? I don't really know if he can even remember what it's like to play there. Babel sounds a lot better though, he's a player with some very specific skills you don't see with any other players. A player who's proven he can make the difference in big games and still a young and exciting prospect.

Read the full article here. (via The Independent)

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  1. Torres is starting to look a little tender in the Everton game. This better not come back to haunt us.

    But i definitely agree with Babel. There's no reason we should be playing him as a left winger. He's a righty, and the only real threat he presents to defenders on the wing is his ability to cut in and move into the box in hope of scoring. Sometimes it works, but his movement and pace would certainly fit him better in his natural position than on the wing.