Friday, January 30, 2009

When did the Bundesliga become fun to watch?

Hamburger SV 1-0 Bayern Munich. Hoffenheim preparing to go 2 points clear. Suddenly my least favorite league has the most compelling storyline and the most competitive field.

Honestly enough, Hoffenheim is one of the few bright points in an otherwise drab and depressing recession-hit season. Possibly the most exciting side to watch outside of Barcelona, they play beautiful Arrigo Sacchi-style ball, their defense is textbook with the offside trap, and they have created one of the most productive offensive linkups in Germany out of a squad of veritable nobodies. The only team that can touch these guys has Luca Toni, Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski, and they just lost. Can anyone name me the starting forwards for Hoffenheim?

Mid-table stalwarts like Hamburger SV are challenging for the top, and my favorite German club (Borussia Dortmund) is up from a 13th place finish last year to 6th.

This is the stuff that makes football curmudgeons melt, and it's happening in the least likely place of all.


  1. But I think with the loss of Vevad Ibisevic hoffenheim's chances have been greatly diminished. They need to get a striker up there which can deliver right away. Otherwise a major change in the way they play is need in order to keep their performances on a high level.

  2. Who do you think could do it? Bayern is swallowing up every forward in the BL, but they have a fairly large amount of money to throw around for a club their size. Bendtner for me is a no-go, he's just not a sure bet in a time like this.



    apparently jo is the answer? i guess the bundesliga is the shit striker paradise.