Friday, January 30, 2009

In case you missed it... HELWA HELWA CRAIG BELLAMY

Have to say, the man has a nice swing. Good bit of work, fee justified? David James seems to think so.


  1. I still don't know what to make of Man City. How many players did they bought?

    Nice helwa blog btw!

  2. well at least he delivers FOR A 30 YEAR OLD STRIKER WHICH COST 13 MILLION


    New blog colours = much better

  4. the crazy part is that man city hasn't even been buying as much as tottenham

    imagine if city sacked hughes and signed redknapp next season @_@

  5. i would probably become a city fan at that point

    ok on second thought maybe not but i would at least buy a city jersey with THE SPECIAL 1 on it

    on third though scratch that, that would be really gay. i would continue to hate city with a reserved love for the little portuguese man as i did chelsea

  6. I can respect that!
    The love for one man can only go as far! (gay gay gay)
    Why are you such a big Mourinho fan again?

    The bugger is one mighty bastard

  7. i lived in fulham for a while in 06, and the guy whose house i was staying in was a huge chelsea fan, and had season tickets. i'd go to games with him at stamford bridge and i hated the atmosphere, hated the players and hated the fans. but damned if i didn't love jose. he was always out on the touchline yelling and waving, he loved the team clearly and i guess the enthusiasm rubbed off on me. i still hate chelsea, and i'm no closer to being a drogba fan, but jose has me captured.

    plus i just like his management style, he's an incredible man manager and he has that incredibly compact and efficient 4-3-3 down to a science. gino and i were talking about how the whole squad was built so in attacking situations you had a genuine 5 man scoring threat going forward with 10 behind the ball, but when the tide of the game swung back, all of his forwards tracked back and could defend as well. he just knows how to wring every last ounce out of his players and put them in formations that exploit their every last strength. how else would we know that didier drogba is a pretty talented man-marker?

    but yeah, i'm a fan of his tactical system (people may call his football boring, but i appreciate the beauty of a well-laid plan unfolding), his attitude towards players and player development, and his overall character in the game. of course he's a cocky bastard who rubs a lot of folks the wrong way, but i love him for it.

  8. That, good sir, is one hell of a description which clarifies your cause.