Friday, January 30, 2009

welcome to footy transfers

Possibly the worst-named blog on the planet. 

You will eventually come to rue clicking this link. You will hate this site, despise it even, for its ability to suck you in and cause you to waste hours reading it. You will hate; but you will click. There will be ridiculous videos, hilarious jokes, pointed analysis. There will be football.

Welcome home.

So far the authors are myself (Luka) and the other guy (Gino). 


Liverpool/Inter bloodletting screaming obsessed devotee. Likes a few other clubs too. Has an unrepentant schoolgirl crush on Jose Mourinho. Thinks Jamie Carragher is the greatest defender ever based on sheer yelling power. Bitches about the influence money has on the sport while demanding his club buy players like Ricardo Quaresma and David Silva. All around great guy.


I'm a hardcore football fan and I try to follow as much as I can. My main love is Ajax and next to that I'm a fanatic Liverpool and Lazio supporter. My love for football is so big that I don't really bear any grudges against certain football clubs, even the arch enemies of the clubs I love get only a moderate ammount of hate. The main thing I look for in a player is character and style. And with style I don't mean everything has to be pretty but a that a player should be consistent in the way he acts and moves on the pitch. So it doesn't matter if it's Suarez or Quaresma smashing through the defense or Cambiasso or Enoh cleverly getting the ball and setting up a quick counter. Next to that there's all the drama. I love it. The unfair decisions, the whiny players, the megalomanic coaches and most of all the plain stupidity of those old farts running this whole circus.


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