Friday, January 30, 2009


Goldenbutt's screamer versus Genoa. Somebody's got something to prove to Fab in the stands.

I have to wonder whether the boys at the Guardian podcast are right. Does Becks really have an exceptional physique or is Serie A really that bad? Not like this isn't the ancient player preservation league, where the old folks of the game go out to pasture (notice a certain 40 year old central defender celebrating with the Golden One), but after years of uninspiring performances at the top level he's suddenly keeping a (recently much slower) Ronaldinho out of the side. Is everyone around him just beat down more than him, or are we seeing a real rejuvenation of the career of England's most prized American export?

What do you think?


  1. Beckham is at his best when they stick great players around him. Man United, Real Madrid, and now Milan. He looked uninspired at LA because he is not used to being the best player on the pitch.

  2. honestly i just think it's another lesson of what having something to play for can do. becks has always been a motivated player if anything, he was never a particularly fast or titanically gifted of a player like the guys surrounding him at united and madrid. you don't come out of the womb gifted with prolific dead-ball skills; above any other talent that's just one that comes with hours of work in and after practice.

    this drive to get to 108 is probably the best thing to happen to his career since alex ferguson.